IOC provides a wide variety of equipment for use on the drill floor. IOC drill floor equipment assists in the movement and jointing of tubulars.


Rotary Table

IOC RT series rotary table is provided with high reliability and serviceability. The rotary table structure has been designed to provide maximum strength to ensure larger load, increased safety and well-fit between bearings and gears. The table assembly was greatly simplified so it can be installed into the rotary housing and is easy to maintain. The RT series can be designed to meet the requirements of various drilling operations and work environments.




Iron Roughneck

IOC engineers and manufactures a range of hydraulically powered iron roughnecks for making-up and breaking-out drilling tubulars. These durable and rugged roughnecks can be supplied with various controls and arrangement options that include track and pedestal mounted versions. All models are available with hydraulic, electro-hydraulic or radio remote controls.

Drill Line Spooler

IOC drill line spoolers form an integral part of the drilling system package. The spoolers store the drill line and provide the facility to deploy during the cut and slip operation. One of the main considerations during the design development phase was to ensure that the reel change-out process was quick, efficient and safe for personnel. IOC’s drill line spooler adaptation is possible to suit special client requirements.




IOC catheads provide the force necessary to make up and breakout drill pipes and collars. The cathead is a drill floor mounted tool which, when working with manual rig tongs, provides the required torque.


Hydraulic Power Unit

The hydraulic power unit (HPU) is a critical part of the handling system’s operations. IOC hydraulic power units are provided to suit all applications, from individual equipment to complete handling systems with available flow rates in excess of 1000 ltr/min and pressures in excess of 5000psi.




Personnel Access Basket

The IOC personnel access basket is a telescopic arm with a personnel basket designed for offshore duty on vessels operating under dynamic conditions. The IOC personnel access basket can be used for casing stabbing, as well as access and maintenance operations within the derrick, moonpool or lower deck locations.




Mud Bucket

The IOC mud bucket is used during wet trip or back reaming. During operation, the mud bucket is installed in the deck housing on the drill floor.