350T A-Frame

  • 50 mT to 350 mT SWL
  • 5.8 ~ 12m outreach
  • 12m hook height
  • 8.8m width clearance
  • Up to 2500m working depth

200T A-Frame

  • 200 MT SWL Double Fall
  • 20m+ outreach, based on client requirements
  • 77mm wire dimension
  • Remote acoustically controlled from Surface
  • 100T Rotational Capacity
  • The IOC 200t A-Frame is designed to be utilized on any subsea construction vessel, AHTS vessel, Semisubmersible or Drillship. It uses a single sheave for loads up to 100t and a double sheave block for loads up to 200t.
    It is equipped with an IOC Load Heading Control System and an Active Heave Compensated System (AHC) for precise control of the heading and the vertical movements of the load

150T A-Frame

  • Dynamic Safe Working Load 150 mT (Centre Sheave)
  • 5min A-Frame swing out time
  • max. 12m hook height
  • 8.9m width clearance, 10m at deck level
  • The A-frame is designed in containerized modules allowing cost effective mobilizations. The centre main sheave is designed for 150 Metric ton dynamic load. The HPU is located inside the A-frame structure. The system comes with a guide roller that can be placed in front of the winch to divert the angle of the lifting wire