IOC can specify and deliver fit to purpose winch solutions for your offshore operation. Our marine operations experience and engineering capability allow for detailed evaluation of the functional specification requirements to ensure the end winch product is properly matched to the users requirements.

100T Mooring Winch

  • Single smooth drum on fabricated steel skid
  • Includes automatic wire rope spooling device
  • C/w certified lifting lugs on skid structure
  • C/w Pawl & Ratchet drum locking mechanism
  • 600m drum capacity at 38mm diameter wire
  • Gearbox fully enclosed in oil bath

50T Winch

  • Drum Capacity 1000M x Ø38MM (SWR, 11 Layers)
  • Rated Pull 1st Speed (Low Speed)
    50 Ton x 7 m/min @ 1st layer
  • 2nd Speed (High Speed)
    25 Ton x 14 m/min @ 1st layer
  • Drum Brake Holding 75 Ton @ 1st Layer, Static
  • Ratchet Holding 75 Ton @ 1st Layer, Static


10T Tugger Winch

  • Rate pull: 100 kN (first layer)
  • Rated speed: 10 m/min (first layer)
  • Drum Break Holdings: 150 kN
  • Drum Capacity: 220M x ø22 mm
  • Ratchet Assembly: Hydraulic Operated
  • Control: Local Control Panel


Horizontal Deck Sheaves

  • 38mm sheaves: 125T @180’ Wrap Angle
  • 51mm sheaves: 175T @180’ Wrap Angle


Chain Stoppers and Fairleads

  • Chain Size: 76mm Grade NV K4 Flash Butt-Welded Chain
  • Proof Load: 4205 KN
  • Breaking Load: 6001KN