Offshore oil and gas fields are complex and capital intensive projects with requirements for specialized vessels and technologies, precise planning and extensive support mechanisms.

The management of these operations must also take into account the critical issues of safety and environmental protection, as well as new technologies, increasingly specialized vessel design and more sophisticated management strategies as fields become more complicated…

IOC Angola will mainly provide local content, local knowledge and local management expertise while IOC will mainly provide technical expertise, project management and engineering.

The alliance will focus very specifically on introducing the IOC’s newly patented Marginal Field Production Vessel (MFPV) into Nigeria. In addition, more traditional equipment and operations will be provided such as Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS) vessels, Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODU) and Deep Water Drillships.

IOC’s engineering team by itself and in strategic partnerships with various engineering entities in the Houston Oil & Gas industry will provide engineering solutions for shallow and deep-water field developments.

The alliance intends to invest in access of USD 500,000,000, (five hundred million US dollars) in offshore assets during 2014. The intention is to thereafter expand the investments during 2015 and onwards

We can provide:

  • Field Development Assessment
  • Project Planning & Management 
  • Production Facility Design
  • Installation & Construction 
  • Offshore Operations
  • Safety & Environment 
  • Offshore Logistics & Supply