No matter what your lining and rehabilitation needs are, Structural Epoxy Solutions has a solution and a system for restoring and protecting your concrete or metallic infrastructure. Our products and patented systems have a superior service record with over 25 years of worldwide applications in the water and sewer industry, private industry, and public utilities. Our patented solvent free spray system, combined with our zero VOC epoxy is safer for both the applicator and the environment, while delivering superior adhesion, corrosion resistance and structural strength.

Metrology and Inspection

Pipe, Spools & Fabrication

  • Point and measure component replacement
  • Quick and easy As Built models
  • Improved safety for field staff
  • Steel, equipment, ducting and cable trays
  • Collision checking
  • Piping specifications

Reports & Integration

  • Automatic isometrics using the IosGen Engine
    • IsoGen & Spool Gen
  • Links to stress analysis
  • Stress isometric generation