Intrepid Offshore Construction Incorporated (IOC)  is comprised of personnel highly experienced in offshore installation, construction and engineering. Some highlights of previous IOC personnel experience includes; Operations Management (Engineering and Offshore Construction) for installation of 650,000 DWT GBS Structure in the North Sea. Numerous DP Subsea construction jobs (Diving & ROV), Research and Development work for first ever installed Suction piles, Research and Development work for Drag Anchors and VLA Anchors, Numerous world record mooring depth for latest generation Semi-Submersible and more…


Founder of Intrepid Offshore Construction and specialized in planning, execution and management of offshore marine construction projects. Extensive marine engineering experience with strong management and organizational skills. More than 25 years experience in the offshore Oil & Gas industry. Planned, managed or worked as client representatives for installations of FPSO’s, FPS’s, GBS;s, TLP & mating operations and more. Planned subsea field architectures and system requirements. Involved with and supervised numerous semi-submersible anchoring operations as well as Dynamic Positioning diving and construction vessels. Experienced with operation and conversion of accommodation, construction and floating production vessels. Has a unique knowledge of the overall aspects of offshore field development and maintenance requirement. Ove Akerblom is best utilized in a position where he can utilize his management skills and at the same time use his excellence in marine operations, Subsea construction and installation of floating production units. Unlimited Master Mariner License (Swedish).


Michael C. McDonald is Vice President of Intrepid Offshore Construction Incorporated. As Co-Founder of IOC Inc. Mr. McDonald has been instrumental in the successful start up of the business in Houston Texas. He provides 17 years of offshore experience with the last 14 focused in the offshore Oil and Gas marine sector. Michael Specializes in Marine Operations with skills in Project and Operation Management enhanced by his strong technical background. He has managed several FPSO Installation Projects building a proven track record for being under schedule, within budget and without safety incident. In offshore operations he has been involved in the successful start up of multiple new build high specification deep-water semi-submersibles to include multiple world record water depth mooring installations.