IOC’s modular rig designs are customized to each customer’s specific requirements, including packages for regular jacket platforms, tender assist rigs and mono column platforms. The modularized packages, such as a drilling package, solids control package, power package and living quarters can be tailored from accommodate to development well drilling and work-over operation. Complete packages can be easily lifted and re-located to another platform.


Hoisting Equipment
• Drawworks
• Derrick Structure

Drill Floor Equipment
• Rotary Table
• Iron Roughneck
• Drill Line Spooler
• Cathead
• Hydraulic Power Unit
• Personnel Access Basket

Tubular & Riser Handling Equipment
• Catwalk/Conveyor

• Mud Pump

Mud Systems
• Shale Shaker
• Mud Cleaner
• Centrifuge
• Mud Gas Separator
• HV & HVV Vacuum Degasser
• Mud Agitator
• Jet Hopper

Lifting, Mooring & Winch Equipment
• Air Winch