IOC has a proven track record in the engineering, supply and delivery of semi-submersible rig equipment and packages. IOC has provided more than 180 sets of mechanical packages to a global fleet of jack-ups and floaters, over the past decade. Through providing quality systems and technical engineering expertise, IOC has built up a substantial portfolio supplying subsea and pipe handling packages to several major drilling contractors including, Transocean, Diamond, ENSCO and Schahin.


Hoisting Equipment
• Drawworks
• Derrick Structure

Drill Floor Equipment
• Rotary Table
• Iron Roughneck
• Drill Line Spooler
• Cathead
• Hydraulic Power Unit
• Personnel Access Basket
• Mud Bucket

Tubular & Riser Handling Equipment
• Knuckle Boom Crane
• Catwalk/Conveyor
• Bridge Racker
• Column Racker
• Fingerboards
• Derrickmans and Assistant Driller Cabin
• Mousehole

Deck Cranes
• Pedestal Crane
• Kingpost Crane

BOP & Subsea Handling Equipment
• BOP Crane
• Xmas Tree Crane
• BOP and Xmas Tree Skid Units
• BOP Transporter/Carrier
• Xmas Tree Carrier/ Trolley
• BOP Chain Hoist
• BOP, Xmas Tree & LMRP Guidance System

• Mud Pump
• Centrifugal Pump

Mud Systems
• Shale Shaker
• Mud Cleaner
• Centrifuge
• Mud Gas Separator
• HV & HVV Vacuum Degasser
• Mud Agitator
• Jet Hopper

Well Control System Equipment
• Flare Boom (Burner Boom)

Control & Drive Systems
• Rig Power Distribution & Drive System
• Drilling Control System
• Rig Reactive Power Compensation & Harmonic Suppression System
• Intelligent Drillers Cabin with Integrated Drillers Console & Instrumentation System

Lifting, Mooring & Winch Equipment
• Blocks & Swivels
• Hydraulic Winches
• Electric Winches
• Air Winch
• Material Handling Equipment
• Deck Fitting & Hardware